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Size : 12 ml / .41 oz

Dimensions : 1 IN by 2.6 IN

Fragrance Family : Citrus/Woody

Key Notes : Bergamot, Violet, Anis, Vetiver

Bottle Design :  One of three from our Minis collection; our oils are held in a shockproof color tinted glass. Adorned with fire glazed ceramic tile: an ode to Persian architecture. The golden cap is the cherry on top finished off with a gem, adding a hint of royalty wherever you go.

Ingredients : Apricot Kernel Oil, Fragrance oil 

How to use

Roll oil directly on the skin. Preferrably on heat centric parts of the body.

For maximum strength apply on pulsepoints, inner elbow crease, behind the ears and along the collar bone.

Care Instructions

Do not sit in sunlight for extended periods of time.






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The Power of Perfume Oils

Perfume oils are the alcohol-free versions of Perfumes; composed of raw aromatic plant-derived ingredients.

Scents last longer with 6-15 hours of wear on average. Oils are made to stick to our skin and develop with the warmth of our bodies.

A magical alternative for delicate or sensitive skin; our perfume oils are blended in apricot kernel oil adding a boosts of nourishiment to the skin.