What is the difference between a perfume oil and a perfume spray ? 
The major difference is that perfume oils are alcohol free.
How do I use a perfume oil ? 
Apply it directly onto the skin. The absence of alcohol makes perfume oils friendly for sensitive skin.
Whats blended in our oils ? 
Our oils are a blend of aromatic ingredients ( extractions from flowers, woods, spices etc) accompanied by our carrier oil - Apricot Kernel Oil.
Why use a perfume oil ? 
Perfume oils stick to the skin and develop with the warmth of our bodies, allowing the scent to last longer than your typical spray. At the same time they are moisturizing and nourishing. 
How are the bottles handcrafted ?
The bottles are adorned piece by piece with mosaic fire glazed ceramic tile.
Where are your oils from ?
Our oils are processed and shipped in Florida. 
Can I use this on my face ?
Our oils are NOT for your face. These are solely for your body. They perform best when applied to heat sensitive areas on the body such as our Pulse Points, in between your elbows and behind the ears.
Do you have full size bottles ?
At the moment we only have travel size bottles available.